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Modern Dance Group

What level of dancer do I have to be to experience one of these performance courses at my studio or solo one on one sessions?

The intensives are currently available for all levels: beginner, intermediate advanced, and professional performers. Each intensive is different, be sure to check the level before attending.

Performer on Stage

What styles of dance do the M.A.D.E. training courses focus on?

At this time the dance styles being approached are all street styles and fusion genres; COMMERCIAL, HIP HOP, STREET JAZZ, CONTEMPORARY,


More styles and more instructors will be added soon. Keep a look out for the new M.A.D.E. faculty.

Performer on Stage
Dance Class

Can I book the SOLO PRO course even if I’m not officially a “profession”?

Yes, definitely! 

Our classes are created in a progressive format, motivating movers in to the next level to reach their highest potential. 

Dance Class

Is it still necessary to indulge in such intense performance training in this current state of the entertainment industry (due to COVID-19)? 

Yes, though times are very different, the industry is still alive and dance it’s still available to you. So explore new levels, and even accomplish current industry bookings. Opportunities are all around you, they just look different these days. Be ready so you don't have get ready. #stageReady 

Dance Class
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